KEW School of Dance - Dance classes for all ages and levels
7.50-8.35am Street Dance (Boxmoor School) S
12.30-1.05pm Holyrood Street (Boys only) M

3.00pm-4.00pm Street Dance(Maple Grove school) C
3.15-4.15pm Street Dance ( Gade Valley school) K
4.45-5.30pm Pointe work ( Spaces GHYC)K
6pm- Private lessons

8-8.45am Street Dance (Sarratt School)C
12.30-1.05 Street Dance (Holyrood) Girls only M
12.20-1.05 Musical Theatre (Thomas Coram) C
3.15pm-4.15pm Street Dance (Hobletts manor school) C
4.30-5.15pm Primary Ballet (Ages 5+ Spaces GHYC)
5.15-6pm Grade 3 Ballet (Ages 8+ Spaces GHYC) K
6pm-7pm Grade 5 Ballet (Spaces GHYC) K
8-8.45am Street Dance (Holy rood) Spaces M
12.30-1.05pm Street Dance  (Bishop wood school) C
3.25-4.25pm Street Dance (Thomas Coram school)C
3.15-4.15 Street Dance (Woodend) K


8-8.45 Boys only hip hop ( Hobletts Manor school) C
12.30-1.05 Street Dance (Spaces) A
3.30-4.30 Street Dance (Spaces)A
3.15-4.15 Street Dance ( Woodend school Spaces)K
5.45-6.30 Troupe (Audition only) L
8-8.45am Street Dance (Maple Grove) C

12-12.30 Street Dance (Boxmoor) M
3.15-4.15 Street Dance ( Boxmoor) S
5-6pm Infant Street Dance (Spaces available at GHYC)  Ages 5+ K
6-7pm Junior Street Dance ( Spaces available at GHYC)  Ages 10+ L

8.30-12.30  Private lessons with Kyla, to book a one to one private lesson please contact us on 07807061970

Classes are run in the KEW Dance studio at Grovehill Youth centre in Hemel Hempstead.
K= Kyla Walker
S= Sophie Champion
C= Charlotte Talbot Price
M= Maria Savva
L=Lindsey Elkins

GHYC= Grovehill youth centre, Hemel Hempstead

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